food for thought

when someone only does something because u asked him/her to ,it becomes meaningless.The things done become null,flavourless and of no importance.


Calculating fate.

What exactly is the possibility of seeing each other in the exact same sector of a train in the exact same time?

1 over

(That one second of a minute) * (The number of cabins in her train) * (The number of cabins in my train)

Not the most accurate of calculations,but just a guage to make us realise that its fate!

it was special.

unbelievable things happens all the happened at 11.16pm tonite.

one half of a package of two beings.

Can the sun get any brighter?I was trolling around..aimlessly,in a big part of my life.I came to realise how I dreaded living in a routine,a consistently inconsistent lifestyle I was fond of,never quite within my reach.

3 laps done.15 brunches ltr.75 questions of you answered.You grew with & on me.It was something doing nothing,nothing doing something.It’s acting on both you and me,much like gravity.Like gravity,its natural.


u said u were surprised i didnt do anything,i say,i was glad i didnt do anything.had i done anything,it would further jeorpadise my chances,which are already near zero!doing nothing was prolly the best thing i could have done.the more i try to talk to you,the more u try to avoid me.the lesser i talk to you,the more you ask me how is life,which is sadly,something much better than the former.

everytime i think of doing something for you,i get all sorts of thoughts telling me all the things i do’s gonna make u avoid me more.i remember,on our first date ,i really wanted to send you home..i asked u like 4 times “hey u sure u dont want me to send you home” you said ” yeah ,sure”if that actually meant ” no send me home pls ” i gotta admit i wasnt smart enough to understand..

All of the above,not in an aggressive tone though! just rather..frustrated lol.

god i cant believe im still waiting.

My mind has changed
My body’s framed,
But God I like it
My heart’s aflame
My heart is strained
But God I like it

I know it’s strange
Another way
To get to know you
You’ll never know
Unless we go
So let me show you

been long! super supper.

Havent blogged for long ! but i dont think anyone cares lolol.okay anyway im still back to blog a lil about my life ,again.Been really busy past month and really,not much time to blog.

Today,went supper with jenni.Drove with my new wifey.Pics attached.All the photos,she took!But i must admit i look quite cool HAHAHA.okay its really late already i need to sleep soon,need to wake up early for jogging.cheers.


stella’s birthday and specialist unpleasant surprise!

 This is the card they give me to allegedly try to “tempt” me to join the specialist unit.


today’s stella’s birthday.Went to guilin restaurant at team ns,pretty big event cause its her 21st birthday.There was about 15 ish tables around ,how big is that?considering its just a birthday,not a wedding dinner.Ended up pretty boring actually =X .Hanxiang that bastard went off first leaving me and zhilong in the lurch.

Oh yeah,before i went to stella’s birthday i got a letter from the ns..AGAIN.The front of the letter wrote..” THE SPECIALIST CARD”.Damn it i swear when i saw that i was totally stunned.I dont know what kind of pattern the ns wanna show me again.So i flipped open the wrote..

“Dear Kelvin Mun Wai Ho,

A career with the Singapore Navy is challenging,exciting and ultimately,rewarding.This is because you’ll be handsomely remunerated every step of the way from a student to a Naval Combat Systems Specialist (NCSS).”      BLA BLA BLA..